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IP-NU also has an executive committee. The executive committee in IP-NU is in charge of the daily operation including contacts to sponsors and other partners.

IP-NU consists of the following committees:


Events Committee

The Events Committee is to make sure IP-NU can arrange talks, conferences and other events that teach the students and other interested parties about international politics.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works with finding sponsors, in order for the organization to exist and to help throwing events. Finding new sponsors and keeping contact with the sponsors is the primary work of the committee.


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee makes sure to keep the students updated. The committee runs the website and the facebookpage so there is a lot of work with social media. The committee also creates posters and videos for the other committees when there is an event.


Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee is working for a stronger cooperation and motivation among the volunteers of the organization. This is mostly done by arranging events for the members only but in general, the purpose of the committee is to develop the internal structure of the organization.


Study Trip Committee

The Study Trip Committee organize the study trip in the spring semester. This is done in cooporation with the organizations at Copenhagen University and The University of Southern Denmark. Finding sponsors and planning the events at the destination are the main tasks for the committee.




To read IP'NU's articles of association press the link below.