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At IP-NU you have the opportunity to put your interest in international relations into action.


As a student volunteer you will be part of a team of like-minded students working to create a platform for the debate of global affairs. You will therefore gain organizational experience and expand your network.


You can be a part of the following committees in IP-NU:

- Events

- Sponsorship

- Communication

- Human Resources

- Study trip


Should you be interested in being an active part of the volunteer network that is behind the events of IP-NU then read more below and follow us on Facebook.





If you wish to learn more about the organization and what it entails to be an active member, feel free to contact us! We appreciate the interest and welcome new devoted volunteers throughout the year. You have the opportunity to join an international team with great cohesion and gain organizational experience.

A membership is free of charge - commitment is all we ask for in return.



Contact person:


Anne Sophie Lyskjær Noer